Even Roosters Dream To Fly: A Captivating Story

Our life’s pattern is determined not as much by what life throws toward us but by the attitude we bring to it. Often, it isn’t by what happens to us as it’s, but by the way, our subconscious views what occurs.
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 People who always tell the truth do not worry about what they said last. The significant thing about truth is that it will always remain true, regardless of lack of ignorance, disbelief, or understanding.

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Jealousy is a disease as you start counting someone else's blessings instead of finding happiness with your blessings. A person who envies never obtains peace of mind. On the other side, wise people learn to admire others while being satisfied with what they have.
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The longest journey starts with a single step. The length of your journey is not a thing to worry about if you are willing to begin it right now. Opportunities and challenges go hand in hand and you just need to be positive.
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Having a good mentor is one of the greatest blessings as he/she is a person who notices more skills and capabilities within us than we see in ourselves, and assists us in bringing them out.
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"Even Roosters Dream to Fly is an inspirational story by Felicien Kanyamibwa in which he perfectly elaborated the life-long journey of a Great African king. A must-read for people who are interested in history and colonialism.
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Long ago, the people of Rwanda suffered through a terrible famine. The rains did not come to help the crops grow, the grass withered, and the soil became so dry that it cracked. The people looked to their village chiefs for guidance, but the chiefs could not help. They looked to the king, but he could not bring the rain. Only the magical tail of a mystical creature could save the kingdom. Maguru is Rwanda’s best hunter, even better than the king—and certainly better than his jealous village chief. He’s hunted the buffalo, the antelope, and the leopard, but he has never hunted the deadly imparambwe. To save his people, Maguru must now learn to outrun the wind and outwit a creature that can change shape in the wink of an eye. If he succeeds, he’ll be a hero. If he fails, his people will die of starvation. Maguru is determined not to fail.

Legs of Tornado

Legs of Tornado
Legs of Tornado - The Human Who Outran the Wind

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